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  • Why are you introducing the landing card?
    To help keep Brento legal. To improve safety of jumpers and the public. To create a legal entity that can work with the local authorities. Similar systems are already in place in Norway and Switzerland.
  • Who is the IBA?
    The IBA is made up of four Local Jumpers that have been jumping at Brento for over a decade: Maurizio DiPalma, James Boole, Marco Arcangeli and Cris Benedini. Between them them have close to 10,000 BASE jumps.
  • Who are the recognised BASE courses and mentors?
    Brento BASE School and the BASE Store are the two local options - there are many other valid options, we recommend you check they meet the following requirements.
  • What will the money be used for?
    To pay for the maintenance of the weather station, wind socks, exit ropes, Casale landing area, exit radio, ground control, annual donation towards the mountain rescue – Our accounts will be made public for those interested.
  • I don’t want to buy the landing card or use the bus service.
    Anyone is free to drive their own vehicle up, hike to the exit point and jump off! Be safe and have fun. But remember this: BE A BETTER BASEJUMPER! Always remember that a true basejumper is a ninja A true BASEjumper gets what it needs to get without leaving any traces! A true BASEjumper never forgets to be a guest in any spot! and that is why he will be respectful through everything and everyone! Because a real BASEjumper he has honor, he has understood and is aware of the magic of what he is doing and where he is doing it! He loves it! So if you really love what you're doing, really prove it and you'll be the best basejumper! DON'T LET TRASH AROUND , BE RESPECTFUL AND SILENT, LOVE YOUR PLAYGROUND AND ENJOY IN SAFETY Love the basejump and the basejump will love you!
  • Why Ground-control?
    The ground control will help to organize the buses with drivers, especially in days of overcrowding, avoiding that people , pathetically, result to throwing punches, as has happened in the past, and only to go upon the first bus! The GC will check that people repsect the canopy time rules, enforcing the yellow/red card system, and checking people land away from the main road - last season we had 2 people land ON the road causing vehicles to make emergency stops! This scenario alone could easily end in tragedy. We've also had people landing on the houses near the landing numerous times. So we locals want to create a system to avoid another Chamonix situation!
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