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General info

Happy Birthay

General Info

Happy Birthday is a technical wingsuit jump. It is important to understand the terrain morphology before going there and to be sure the weather conditions are suitable to allow you to reach the landing area i.e. we strongly recommend only jumping with light to moderate north wind - as jumping with a south "head" wind could easily mean a tree landing.

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Foto 1

The exit point is small with some loose stones, the exit itself is quite narrow (photo 1) and slightly inclined towards the valley similar to the one at Pilastro.

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Foto 2

From the exit it is easy to see landing area, we recommend a line that stays wide of the terrain and flies directly over the forest towards the landing. Please try and land on the cycle path or surrounding grass (looks like a mini race circuit) and avoid the football fields.

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Foto 3

We recommend that you obtain detailed instruction and a briefing from a suitable mentor or recognised school to attempt this jump safely, especially if you are a low experience jumper (i.e. less than 100 slider up jumps).

Foto 5

How to go up!

(coming soon)
Foto 6
How to go up
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