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Brento RULES

Jumping Brento is legal but we are expected to follow the 'self regulation' rules established with the local authorities:

- Be a licensed current skydiver with a minimum of 300 jumps,
- 100 in the previous 12 months. 

- Having completed a reputable BASE course with at least 15 jumps.

- Minimum of 15 BASE jumps for Brento, 50 jumps minimum for the other exits in the region. Use ONLY BASE specific equipment (no       skydiving gear).

- Only jump in good weather conditions, flight trajectory clear of cloud and wind less than 2 m/sec (5 knots).

- Always peform a check in - check out with someone in the landing area when jumping.

Follow the freefall delays advised for the location:


For Brento it is recommendedto take no less than 7 seconds and not more than 8 seconds when jumping in the box position.

- For those who have an efficient track a delay of no less than 7 secondsand not more than 12 seconds.

- Track suits should follow these delays initially, new wingsuit pilots should progressively increase their delay depending on object     separation.

- For Monosuit jumps it is forbidden to open you parachute past the hill (see the photo) below an altitude that does not guarantee 30   seconds under canopy.

Minimum 30 second canopy time rule explained – in brief:

- After a dozen or so near misses and low pulls in 2017 we decided to implement a minimum 30 second canopy time rule to use the main landing at Brento.
- If you are a beginner / intermediate one piece or wingsuit pilot please deploy at the dirt road on the hill.  (see the photo below)
- If you are a ninja, fine but be sure you arrive high, we've had some very experienced jumpers caught out when flying steep for speed. 
- If you violate this rule we will issue a yellow card warning, if you violate the rule a 2nd time you will be issued a red card and will not be   allowed to use the BASE bus service for 1 year (from the date of the red card).
- If you arrive at Brento and attempt jumps that are beyond your capability or experience level we may also block you from using the BASE   transfer service.
- Also please do not land next to the main road – land at least 10m away (we had some near misses for this too last season)
In detail:

       Recently at Brento we have seen an increase in potentially dangerous situations which were only resolved safely by luck. 
- One of the primary concerns are jumpers using Monosuits ("one piece" tracking suits) who are continually opening low over the main landing area. 
- The safety of the local residents, emergency rescuers and the general public is our first priority and we must address situations which  could potentially put them at risk. 
- After consultation between BASE jumping experts, local inhabitants and the bus drivers we have decided to put in place some new rules to help reduce the risk of incidents: 
1. For Monosuit jumps / small wingsuits it is forbidden to open you parachute past the hill
(see the photo) below an altitude that does not guarantee 30 seconds under canopy. 
2. Everyone who is jumping in the Brento Valley for the first time or is using a wingsuit, monosuit or tracksuit for the first time MUST be accompanied by a recognised coach or by their mentor. 
- Anyone who does not respect the above rules will not be allowed to use the bus shuttle service and the same will apply to anyone whose behaviour endangers themselves, others or access to the site. 
- We trust that the BASE jumping community will cooperate in our efforts to safe guard a unique site, working to create a culture of safety  and respect that will be to everyones benefit. " 


2019 Update:

- In 2018 we issued a number of yellow cards and all of the jumpers changed their flight profiles accordingly – except for one jumper who  pulled low a second time (trying to set a skyderby record) and received a red card ban for 1 year.

- DO NOT jump after sunset. Evening jumps are normally more windy and technical than morning.

- Evening loads are not recommended for in-experienced jumpers, better for experienced jumpers (20+ slider up jumps) with track pants and wing suits.

- Move carefully on the exit, avoid making rocks fall.

- In case of an emergency call 112, STOP JUMPING immediately and move away from the exit (falling rocks).

- In case of rescue, cut away and stow the canopy when possible to simplify the helicopter extraction (the helicopter downwash can inflate  the canopy).

- Please respect the Mountain, jump your litter down and don't go to the toilet in the gear up area or exit.

            For packing area:

- Please put the packing mats away in the hut at the end of the day. Tidy up you trash

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