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General Info

If you are a BASE jumper sooner or later you will put your toes over the edge of the "Becco dell'Aquila" or "Eagles beak" exit point on Monte Brento. With 1200m of elevation, Monte Brento is a choice destination for jumpers and schools from all over the world. With an estimated 15000 jumps each year Monte Brento is now the most popular exit point in the world. The magnificent over hanging wall is perfect for beginners and also for learning any of the BASE disciplines, it is considered a training location even for expert BASE jumpers.

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The main exit point is located on the "Becco dell Aquila" or "Eagles Beak" (see photo 2), it is a natural rock platform measuring 15m x 5m and is lightly inclined towards the Sarca valley. After being used by jumpers most days for the last 2 decades the rock has become worn and slippery - it is necessary to move carefully once on the exit especially if it has been raining or snowing. 


To reduce the risk of slipping we have installed a number of ropes to use when climbing down to the exit point. In addition, for the winter period there is a container of salt on the exit to be used to help clear the snow and ice. This year we will also install a solar powered radio system to allow direct communication between the exit point and landing area. 

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If it is the first time you are visiting Monte Brento or if you simply wish to increase your knowledge to improve your safety we recommend that you find a good mentor or use a recognised school - as they will be able to teach you how to assess the local weather conditions, in particular the valley wind patterns.

The valley is subjected to a wind each day caused by the thermal activity, known locally as the "Ora del Garda" it comes from the south during the central hours of the day it becomes very powerful and normally limits jumping activity to the early morning and late afternoon. 

There are also other winds and weather phenomenon that jumpers should be aware of due to their intensity and the possibility of turbulence such as  Foehn and Peler.  We would like to remind all jumpers to not underestimate the importance of this knowledge as it can make the difference between a safe jump and a very dangerous off landing (river, boulders, main road, power lines, vine yards etc).

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On the the main landing area there is a wind sock that is visible from the exit point and we have also installed 2 online weather stations that give you real time weather information for the exit and landing area. In case of cloud formation there is also a webcam that allows you to see the entire Monte Brento wall.

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red line
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For one piece and wingsuit pilots we have established a mandatory deployment line to guarantee that everyone has at least a 30 second canopy ride to use the main landing area (see photos 5 & 6)

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How to go up

Side view.

How to go up!

Coming soon..

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