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if you don't jump you come back for free!!

Please read carefully  

From April 2024, there will be a new shuttle online reservation system. In order to make the shuttle reservation an easier process, jumpers will need to use the online reservation portal.

At the time of your IBA yearly subscription (new or renewal), you will receive this link via email along with a username and a password. You will need this information to create an account and access the online reservation portal. Once your account is created, follow these easy steps to purchase and reserve your shuttle ride:

1. See the Brento Base Transfer (transportation services) manager, "Tonno"  ( only whatsapp +393463836526 ) and ask to buy shuttle ride tickets (cash, paypal,or credit).

2. Once you buy the tickets (any amount), the ticket balance will be uploaded on your account on the online portal.

3. At this point, you will be able to use your cell phone or computer, to access your account and directly reserve the rides.

4. For more information, please watch our online tutorial video.


How far in advance can I make a shuttle reservation?

The time frame to book a reservation is indicated on our website, near the "reserve a ride" tab.

As an alternative, it is possible to show up directly at the shuttle loading area and board the shuttle if there is a last minute no-show or an open/unreserved seat.

If after the reservation deadline, the jumper decides to not ride his/her reservation, that reservation cannot be cancelled and the value of the ticket is lost.

How can I book a shuttle ride?

First, you need to subscribe or renew your IBA (Italian Base Association) subscription. 

After your IBA subscription is active, you will receive an alphanumeric code along with the IBA  membership QR code, via email. Please make sure that you check your junk folders and that you have one of most used domains. Examples of webmail providers that are mostly used for IBA correspondence include Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail. Also, be aware that the IBA information that you need, will come from @montagnaviva .us email address.

After receiving the alphanumeric code, it will be possible to access the online reservation portal to make your first reservation.

To better understand the reservation process, we highly advise you to watch our online tutorial, which can be found on our website.

Do I get a refund due to weather?

Yes. If the weather conditions are not optimal for jumping, the bus ride will be cancelled and the ticket will be credited back to your account.

If I don't show up for my reserved shuttle ride, will I get a refund?

No. While we understand that last minute situations can happen, unfortunately,  if you don't show up on time for the ride you have reserved, there won't be any refunds issued.

Is it possible to buy tickets in bulk?

Yes. The price varies depending on the number of tickets purchased. From the amount of 1-9 tickets, the price will be 20 euro per ticket. For the amount of 10 tickets and above, the price is 17 euro per ticket.

Are there special/discounted tickets for riding to San Giovanni (longer hike to the exit point)?

Yes. However, as of now, ticket prices are calculated to go to "The Top'' (shortest hike to the exit point). In case a jumper wants to get dropped off in San Giovanni, he/she can request so upon boarding the shuttle and will receive a reimbursement for the price difference directly on their accounts.

Can I use the bus shuttle service without being subscribed to the IBA?

No. You must have an active/current subscription to The Italian Base Association (IBA). Without an active subscription unfortunately, you cannot use our shuttle service.

Do shuttle ride tickets expire?

Yes. after 2 season after purchased.

Do I have to pay the shuttle in case I did not jump and want to be picked up back in San Giovanni?

No. You do not have to pay for the shuttle ride from San Giovanni back to the main landing area (Bar Parete Zebrata) if you decide not to jump. 

However, the request for pick up has to be made within certain timeframes and these are: Within 2 hours if the initial drop off location was "The Top" or within 3 hours if the initial drop off  location was in San Giovanni.

Note that the shuttle pick up location to ride back is ALWAYS at theSan Giovanni stop, independently of where you were initially dropped off. 

Should the request time frame be exceeded, a fee will be applied.




We invite potential customers to read the following company policy before deciding to use the transport service offered by Brento BASE transfer (BBT).

From the moment you decide to use the shuttle service offered by BBT you are in agreement with its company rules.

BBT is a private company that collaborates in agreement with IBA (Italian BASE Association).

BBT establishes the rules for using the service offered, leaving the customer total freedom to choose whether or not to use the service.

BBT does everything it can to offer its customers the best possible service as far as is technically and logistically possible.

BBT undertakes to do everything to satisfy the customer's needs, as long as these do not conflict with company policy.


Rules for using the Shuttle service




1) You go up and it starts raining, there are clouds, there is wind or other adverse weather conditions due to which you have to wait to jump or you are unable to do so, thus losing the second booked load. You are refunded due to the weather.


2) You are the sixth occupant of the bus, you decide to withdraw from the race because you don't like the weather conditions. You get refunded.

Keep in mind that due to your withdrawal you may cause inconvenience to the other occupants of the bus who, if they want to get on instead, will have to compensate for the missing ticket or the ride will be cancelled.


3) You have an object strike losing the second booked load, we will refund you.




4) Every time the bus leaves from the bar and you decide to get on even in case of uncertain weather conditions, the ticket is deducted.

If the weather conditions are uncertain and you decide NOT to go up due to the weather, you will be refunded.


5) You can't repack in time to catch the second load bus. As far as possible and at the discretion of the other occupants of the bus, the departure will be postponed by a few minutes. If the wait exceeds 10-15 minutes or the occupants do not want to wait, you lose the ticket.


6) You have a problem with the car, your alarm didn't go off, you partied the night before and you're tired or for any reason you can't get there in time to catch the bus, you lose your ticket.


7) You remove yourself from the load after the time indicated in the deadline by writing a message on the WhatsApp group. You lose the ticket.

Tickets can only be purchased through the official BBT channels, i.e. through the Manager Daniele Tonno or the drivers, upon advance payment and using exclusively the enabled channels.


8) You have booked multiple seats on the load in your name but someone you booked for refuses to board.

If due to weather, the ticket will be refunded. Conversely, you lose the ticket of the person you booked for, but you will have two seats available. If someone wants to take that seat they can only do so with your consent.

9) You land outside the area, or on trees so you are unable to arrive in time to catch the second load bus, you lose your ticket.


10) You get injured on landing, you can't get there in time to catch the second load bus, you lose your ticket.


11) You feel sick or don't feel like taking the bus for personal reasons, you lose your ticket.


12) You are the sixth occupant of the bus, you decide to withdraw for other reasons not related to the weather, you lose your ticket and the bus goes up anyway.



We would also like to remind you that BBT offers free collection within two hours in case you give up the jump from the top. Furthermore, if on the road, it offers a shuttle service for jumpers unable to reach the bus departure point.



Invitiamo i potenziali clienti a prendere visione delle seguente policy aziendale prima di decidere di utilizzare il servizio di trasporto offerto da Brento BASE transfer (BBT).


Dal momento che si decide di utilizzare il servizio shuttle offerto da BBT si è in accordo con le sue regole Aziendali.


BBT è un'Azienda privata che collabora in accordo con IBA (Italian BASE Association). 


BBT stabilisce le regole di utilizzo del servizio offerto, lasciando la totale libertà al cliente di scegliere se utilizzare o meno il servizio.


BBT fa di tutto per offrire ai propri clienti il miglior servizio possibile per quanto gli sia tecnicamente e logisticamente possibile.


BBT si impegna a fare di tutto per soddisfare le esigenze del cliente, purché queste non siano in contrasto con la politica Aziendale.



Regole d’utilizzo del servizio Shuttle




1) Vai su ed inizia a piovere, ci sono nuvole, c’è vento o altre condizioni meteo avverse a causa delle quali devi aspettare per saltare o non riesci a farlo, perdendo così il secondo load prenotato. Vieni rimborsato causa meteo.


2) Sei il sesto occupante del bus, decidi di ritirarti dalla corsa perché le condizioni meteorologiche non ti piacciono. Vieni rimborsato.

Tieni presente che a causa del tuo ritiro potrai creare un disagio agli altri occupanti del bus che se invece vorranno salire, dovranno compensare il ticket mancante o la corsa verrà annullata. 


3) Subisci un impatto a parete, perdendo così il secondo load prenotato, ti rimborsiamo.




4) Tutte le volte che il bus parte dal bar e si decide di salire anche in caso di condizioni meteo incerte, il ticket viene scalato.

Se le condizioni meteo sono incerte e si decide di NON salire causa meteo, si viene rimborsati.


5) Non riesci a piegare in tempo per prendere il bus del secondo load. Per quanto possibile e a discrezione degli altri occupanti del bus, verrà posticipata la partenza di qualche minuto. Se l’attesa supera i 10-15 minuti o gli occupanti non vogliono aspettare, perdi il ticket.


6) Hai un problema con l’auto, non ti è suonata la sveglia, hai fatto festa la sera prima e sei stanco o per qualsiasi motivo non riesci ad arrivare in tempo per prendere il bus, perdi il ticket.


7) Ti togli dal load dopo l’orario indicato nella deadline scrivendo un messaggio sul gruppo WhatsApp. Perdi il ticket. 

I tickets si possono acquistare solo tramite i canali ufficiali di BBT, ovvero tramite il Manager Daniele Tonno o gli autisti, previo pagamento anticipato ed utilizzando esclusivamente i canali abilitati.


8) Hai prenotato a tuo nome più posti sul load ma qualcuno per cui hai prenotato rinuncia a salire.

Se per causa meteo il ticket ti verrà rimborsato. Viceversa perdi il ticket della persona per cui hai prenotato, ma avrai due sedili a disposizione. Se qualcuno vorrà prendere quel sedile potrà farlo solo previo tuo consenso. 


9) Atterri fuori zona o sulle piante e non riesci ad arrivare in tempo a prendere il bus del secondo load, perdi il ticket.


10) Ti fai male in atterraggio, non riesci ad arrivare in tempo per prendere il bus del secondo load, perdi il ticket.


11) Stai poco bene o non te la senti di prendere il bus per motivi personali, perdi il ticket.


12) Sei il sesto occupante del bus, decidi di ritirati per altri motivi non relativi al meteo, perdi il ticket e il bus sale comunque.



Ricordiamo inoltre che BBT offre gratuitamente il recupero entro le due ore in caso di rinuncia al salto dal top. 

Inoltre se di strada, effettua il servizio shuttle per i jumper  impossibilitati a raggiungere il punto di partenza dei bus.

With the Brento BASE Transfer vehicles it is possible to reach the main exit points, the buses depart from Bar Parete Zebrata in Gaggiolo Dro (TN). In addition we can also collect you from any airport or railway station with special rates for BASE jumpers.


The bus service is continuous, 7 days a week and was made to measure for BASE jumpers, respecting the local wind patterns and mountain characteristics. With Brento BASE transfer we guarantee we will pick you up if you are unable to jump (due to bad weather etc). You can jump without worrying about transportation - we will take care of it!


Check out this website to discover all the services offered by Brento BASE transfer, our itineraries and the information about each exit points

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