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Bus service available all day, everyday
if you don't jump you come back for free!!

With the Brento BASE Transfer vehicles it is possible to reach the main exit points, the buses depart from Bar Parete Zebrata in Gaggiolo Dro (TN). In addition we can also collect you from any airport or railway station with special rates for BASE jumpers.


The bus service is continuous, 7 days a week and was made to measure for BASE jumpers, respecting the local wind patterns and mountain characteristics. With Brento BASE transfer we guarantee we will pick you up if you are unable to jump (due to bad weather etc). You can jump without worrying about transportation - we will take care of it!


Check out this website to discover all the services offered by Brento BASE transfer, our itineraries and the information about each exit points

Fidelity Card 2020
Schermata 2020-01-28 alle 15.48.32.png
Schermata 2020-01-28 alle 15.48.13.png

This card is issued the first time you use Brento BASE transfer (BBT) service and after you are registered with the IBA. 

You will receive 1 stamp for every ride you make to Brento or Casale until you reach 15, at this point your 16th trip will be free. 

Remember to keep this card as once it is full with all 16 rides you can exchange it for two beers or a bottle of wine at the Ai Conti Bar  in Arco. 

This card also contains the telephone numbers for the drivers, ground control and emergency services. 


With this card you are also entitled to free pick up for any reason (bad weather or if don't feel like jumping) - you must call for collection within 2 hours of the bus dropping you off.

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