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Pre-requisites to jump:


Monte Brento was closed to BASE jumping in 20__? after a series of accidents, the Italian locals at this time (Bepi Hoffer, Marco Rossi and Umberto Giovanini ..other?) worked with the local authorities to established the following “self enforced” rules that have allowed legal jumping to continue.


  • Be a licensed current skydiver with a minimum of 300 jumps, 100 in the previous 12 months.


  • Having completed a reputable BASE course with at least 15 jumps.


  • Minimum of 15 BASE jumps for Brento, 50 jumps minimum for the other exits in the region.


  • Use ONLY BASE specific equipment (no skydiving gear).


  • Only jump in good weather conditions, flight trajectory clear of cloud and wind less than 2 m/sec (5 knots).


  • Always peform a check in - check out with someone in the landing area when jumping.

  • Follow the freefall delays advised for the location. For Brento it is recommended to take no less than 7 seconds and not more than 8 seconds when jumping in the box position. For those who have an efficient track a delay of no less than 7 seconds and not more than 12 seconds. Track suits should follow these delays initially, new wingsuit pilots should progressively increase their delay depending on object separation.


  • DO NOT jump after sunset. Evening jumps are normally more windy and technical than morning. Evening loads are not recommended for in-experienced jumpers, better for experienced jumpers (20+ slider up jumps) with track pants and wingsuits.


  • Move carefully on the exit, avoid making rocks fall.


  • In case of an emergency call 112, STOP JUMPING immediately and move away from the exit (falling rocks).


  • In case of rescue, cut away and stow the canopy when possible to simplify the helicopter extraction (the helicopter downwash can inflate the canopy).


  • Please respect the mountain, jump your litter down and don't go to the toilet in the gear up area or exit.


      Mentor pre-requisites:


     If you are choosing a mentor to learn BASE jumping we recommend that they meet the following criteria:


  • Minimum 500 BASE jumps

  • Minimum 3 years BASE experience and have completed all 4 BASE objects

  • Ideally have teaching experience in skydiving or other sports /activities

  • Demonstrate a conservative and mature approach to BASE jumping



      Course recommendations:


If you are choosing a BASE course we recommend that you check they will teach you at least the following:


  • Packing and basic rigging

  • BASE exit technique, ideally using a pendulator.

  • PCA and SL techniques

  • Hand-held freefall

  • BASE canopy control (using rear risers and half brake turns)

  • Evaluating weather conditions

  • Emergency procedures, e.g. dealing with off headings with line twists

  • Importance of executing the correct freefall delay (ground vs object strike)

  • Some discussion on BASE ethics, history, progression and social media

  • Emergency situation planning


Additional skills we recommend for all BASE jumpers:


  • Climbing

  • First aid

  • Weather (book: Understanding the sky by Dennis Pagen)

  • Paragliding

  • Rigging

  • Pre-requisites to jump


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