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BASE jumping started at Monte Brento in July 1994 when French legends Erich Beaud and Claud Remide jumped from the "Accordeon carre" exit point for the first time.

Over the following two decades the volume of BASE jumpers gradually increased, visitors would use their own cars to drive to San Giovanni before making the 1 hour hike to the summit. As the mountain became more famous around the world the number of jumps performed grew from a few hundred each year to a few thousand.



In 2014 a bus shuttle service started taking jumpers all the way to the malga on the back of the mountain reducing the hiking time to 20 minutes. As a result the number of jumpers visiting Monte Brento has increased drastically. In 2018 an estimated 15,000 jumps were made from Monte Brento, making it the most popular exit point in the world.  


Umberto Giovannini - Marco Rossi - Andrea​

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