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M.CASALE exit Sud

General Info

The south exit of Monte Casale is for big wingsuits and is considered an intermediate exit. Often it is under estimated and can catch out unfamiliar jumpers especially when unfavourable weather conditions exist.

Casale is also subject to the same winds as the other exits in the valley with the arrival of the strong south Ora wind during the hottest hours of the day. It is necessary to understand the wind conditions to jump safely, often there can also be strong gusts due to thermal activity making it difficult to fly your canopy especially during landing.

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Similar to Pilastro there are 2 possible lines to fly, one is straight out to the Hotel Ciclamino car park (A) and the second is to the left, initially following the wall before continuing out over the football field in Pietramurata(B). Note: the football field is not visible from the exit point. 

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We recommend that you obtain detailed instruction and a briefing from a suitable mentor or recognised school to attempt this jump safely, especially if you are a low experience jumper (i.e. less than 100 slider up jumps).

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IMPORTANT: The football field is owned by a private company that has kindly agreed to let us land there BUT ONLY IF we check the field is clear beforehand, this is done by writing to a dedicated Whatsapp group that also coordinates with the local paraglider pilots who occasionally fly there.  Please ask to be added to the Whatsapp group and ALWAYS write a message before you jump to confirm the field is free. Unfortunately in the past the fence and gates have been damaged by jumpers, part of the funds collected by the landing cards will be used to make the necessary repairs.

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How to go up!

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