Our mission is to maintain legal access for BASE jumping at Monte Brento and the exit points in the Sarca valley.

The volume of jumpers has drastically increased in last few years and we have decided to implement an association similar to that which already exists in Norway and Switzerland.

In 2018 we estimate that over 15,000 (fifteen thousand) jumps were made from Monte Brento, making it the busiest exit point in the world.

Jumpers travel to Monte Brento from all over the planet, from countries including China, India, Australia, USA, Canada, Iraq, Russia, Argentina etc..


The annual membership fee will primarily be used to:


  • Maintain the wind socks and exit point ropes

  • Maintain the online weather stations

  • Install radios at exit point and landing area

  • Our goal is also to have a local jumper on site everyday to act as "ground control".

  • Install signs at the main valley exit points

  • Repair the damage to the Casale landing area

  • Donate to the local mountain rescue


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